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still vol. 3

Light come, with Sigríður Thorlacius


Polar - CD/VINYL
Released Nov 8th 2019​. V2 Records  Benelux
chapter 1 vierkant.jpg
Fundurinn - EP
Released May 31st 2019​. V2 Records  Benelux


Time to Part


That the sun may shine

Baráttan - EP 
Released Septmber 6th 2019. V2 Records Benelux

A minute without


Need and fear

A thing lik love

The Days of Young  - album 
Released April 13th 2017, V2 Records Benelux

Where The Heart Belongs

Won't Be Here Long

Son On The Go

The Prize

Blues In The Sun

No More

The Very Last Round

The Other Side

I Wanna Believe

Beautiful Night

Don't Wait Up



Here come the knights - feat Bertolf
Don't Wait Up
Where The Heart Belongs (acoustic)


Helge IJsland-3.jpg

In the eighties Helge Slikker grew up in a sleepy Dutch suburban town called Nieuwegein, where he listened to his father playing the guitar and his mother singing Bob Dylan. Not a day went by that he did not pick up a tambourine or cowbell to join the music. Infected by all this musical input he went from piano lessons to teaching himself how to play the guitar.


As a teenager he started a band with his brother, a drummer, and discovered the magic of performing live for an audience. His interest in theater brought him to Antwerp (Belgium) in his early twenties where he got his acting diploma. This was the period in which he developed a more varied taste in music. Having listened to Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd and the nighties’ grunch bands, it was now time for Jacques Brel, Lennard Cohen, David Bowie and many more.


After his study Helge went back to Holland and new bands/projects were formed, but his love for drama stayed. This resulted in composing for theater, and later on film. Since 2012 he has composed many scores for national and international films. This element of his composing started to influence his work as a singer-songwriter more and more. From the moment he started working solo under his own name in 2017 he started to approach songs more and more as a narrative and layered coherence.


Together with drummer and producer Dave Menkehorst he started to search for a sound that combines the elements that make his heart beat the fastest: the song, the cinematic feel and the storytelling. After his debut album The Days of Young Petty Davis, which was a tribute to his childhood, he went to Iceland in 2018 to record his second solo-album POLAR. He and Dave were joined by guitarist Örn Eldjárn and bass-player Guðmundur Óskar Guðmundsson for recordings at Sundlaugin in Mosfellsbær. 

And now, in the after Covid time, it's time for Still. New songs and a new tour.




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Photo's by: Dave Menkehorst

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